First Post

Welcome to the first blog post! I’m not sure how often I will post new content but I would like to get into the habit of posting somewhat regularly so we will see how this goes.

Who am I? I’m a 23 year old software developer based in Southern California with hopes of moving elsewhere in the near future. I started out as full-stack but the opportunity to specialize in iOS arose and after being obsessed with the iPhone since it’s release, I made the switch. Learning Swift has been a blast and I have no plans to move away from iOS anytime soon. If anything I would like to work on MacOS and WatchOS in addition to what I do now. Outside of programming, I play a lot of video games, read, work out, rock climb, watch movies and sports and work with clay so I may occasionally write about those topics as well.

Why am I blogging? Well, I’ve been working on an app that I plan to release within the next couple months and you need a developer website so I figured I could accomplish two goals of mine at once and start a blog at the same time. My main motivation for wanting to blog at all is all of the amazing resources and people I’ve found online that produce great and helpful content that’s helped me immensely. I hope something I write will help someone just as those other articles and blog posts have helped me.

That’s all I have for this welcome post but I should have something else coming in the next couple weeks that will most likely be related to some aspect of Swift or iOS development. Thanks for reading!

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